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Pain Relief Roll-On Testimonials


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for helping my wife with her chronic pain. We have been to numerous doctors and have spent thousands of dollars with little or no relief. She has dealt with jaw pain and debilitating migraines for years and held out little hope that anyone could help. Aurum Bioceuticals has changed that for her. The CBD Roll On and Patches have helped her reduce the pain and the intake of other pain medications, especially prescribed opioids. It saved our marriage and gave her a new outlook on her daily life!”

Steve H. San Diego, CA
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I stand on my feet all day and decided to try the roll on, on my feet. A little skeptical at first, but it proved to be amazing. I rubbed it all over one foot at night to see what it did, and again in the morning. Wow, no foot pain on that foot! I then applied it to the other foot, and amazingly that foot was also pain free the entire day. I am now going to be a life-long customer.
— DeLee G., RN, MSN Colorado springs, co
Last night, I left my screen door open and got bit all over by a pesky mosquito. I had bug bites on my arms, legs, elbow, back the whole thing. My scratching woke me up in the middle on the night so I decided to put the CBD Roll-on on the bites and it soothed the itching right away. My bug bites shrunk by morning and now aren’t irritated at all! Aurum will be my medicine cabinet go-to!
— Michelle W. San Diego, CA