Aurum Gold CBD Products

Aurum Bioceuticals Corporation introduces the original formulation and designs from Advanced Technologies Solutions Inc. (ATS).  Using the highest quality CO2 extracted CBD, Aurum is producing a pain relief topical patch and roll on oil for ASAP pain relief, with additional products to follow.

ATS is the patent holder and designer/inventor/assignee of the CBD topical reservoir patch and formulation. This is the topical cannabidiol patch that has been copied, stolen, imitated, but failed to be duplicated. None of the patches using a reservoir CBD patch in the market; on line, dispensaries or local retail outlets, know the true formulation of the ATS invention.

Aurum now knows!

Advanced Technologies Solutions has licensed to Aurum the rights to manufacture, market and distribute the ATS patent pending, formulation and reservoir design. Using a hypoallergenic, water resistant and long term wear adhesive as a backing membrane, a thermally bonded reservoir is merged to form a 96 hour dispensing topical patch. With this feature and subsequent application none of the adhesive is introduced and transported through the outer skin, the Stratum Corneum: ONLY the intended ingredients and natural organic enhancers are absorbed.

99% of the testimonials you read on line using a reservoir patch, use the ATS patch! They are now buying imitations or simulated products. Aurum does not use synthetic products such as lidocaine or methanol which are a quick and cheap way to get a temporary cooling effect or numbing of nerve endings.  CBD is an anti-inflammatory, the source of most pain.

Using a similar CBD formulation from the patch, and increasing the natural enhancers for even more rapid absorption and decreasing the viscosity, the new roll on dispenses a thin film that absorbs quickly onto the area needing relief. One can even see it!

Both products use the synergy of the Hemp derived terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids to deliver relief to the largest human organ, the Skin!  The phytocannabinoids system of receptors, C1 and C2, take advantage of the “Entourage Effect” directing the correct molecules to the receptor sights that affect pain and discomfort. The result is relief!  CBD!

All sourced through certified, non-GMO suppliers and backed by Certificates of Analysis.

About Aurum

Aurum Bioceuticals Corporation is a woman owned Delaware Corporation. Katrinkas has over 30 years of sales experience in the medical, industrial and retail industries. Katrinkas has licensed the CBD technology from Advanced Technologies Solutions (ATS). ATS is a San Diego, California based company and a leader in transdermal patch technology for the administration of natural ingredient products to relieve localized and general pain, which has been a focal point for the owner and founder of the company. With over 35 years of experience in science, engineering and medical diagnostics, ATS brings together all the aspects of design, natural product formulation, manufacturing and automation in the production of pain management devices.