The oil in the roll-on bottle separated. Is this normal?

Yes. We use a blend of natural oils and extracts of various densities and melting points, each of which become solid at different temperatures. You may notice more solids at the bottom of the bottle in colder temperatures, and little or no solids at higher temperatures. It is however recommended to gently agitate the bottle prior to applying the product to get the intended full effect from each and every component in the mix.

What if I get some of the roll-on liquid in my mouth?

Although not recommended (even though it doesn't taste bad) ingesting the liquid CBD and other natural ingredients in our products will not harm you. Our roll-on liquid is made from food grade components.

Can I apply the roll-on anywhere on my body?

Yes. The only limitation is to avoid applying to broken skin. Although many users have applied the oil to cracked and broken skin and have not reported any adverse reactions, it is not recommended.

How much and how often can I apply the roll-on?

The oils in the roll-on absorb rapidly once applied and massaged into the skin. It is recommended that you do not apply amounts that will result in an oily feeling lasting more than a few minutes. A maximum amount of oil to apply at any given time has not been established and varies by skin conditions. How much you apply at any given time is a personal decision.

Maximum tolerable dosage to our pain relief ingredients has not been established. Our recommendation is that you start out with an initial application, and wait about twenty minutes. If you experience no relief, reapply and wait twenty minutes again. Repeat this process several times. Although applying a large amount of our CBD oil mixture is not harmful, we recommend using as little as necessary to relieve your pain, so as to not waste money.

Depending the type and origin of the pain, it may take a day or more to get relief (arthritic and tendon related pain may take longer to respond than muscular pain from overexertion). If you still do not experience relief after a day or two, then this product may not be the best treatment for your pain. And as always, if swelling or irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician, as you may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients.